Dog named after wartime hero set to transform life of Scots ex-soldier in need of companion.

A canine companion named after a wartime RAF hero dog is set to transform the life of a former soldier.
Antis was paired up with former Royal Artillery soldier Tommy Masters, 44, by the Bravehound project.
They provide dogs and training to veterans who may feel isolated, have mental health issues and find adjusting to civilian life difficult.

Tommy, from Aberdeen said: “I am loving having Antis. It gives me a new lease of life. Animals are not judgmental and just take you as you are.
“It means a huge amount to me as a veteran to have a dog that’s named after a real wartime hero.”

The original Antis was awarded the Dickin Medal for his wartime service with Czech airman Robert Bozdech and his modern namesake met Robert’s relatives at an RAF base in Glasgow yesterday.

Fiona MacDonald of Bravehound said “We’re so proud of our Antis, named after the original Antis DM, a truly brave hound.”

Robert’s daughter Magdalena Luscombe said: “I am sure that Tommy and Antis will enjoy the same loyal friendship our Dad and Antis the first enjoyed.”

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