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Rex the chocolate Labrador is named after the search dog Rex who was awarded a PDSA Dickin medal for service during the Second World War.
Rex is growing into a friendly, sociable dog. He loves his human and canine companions, and is building on his socialisation by visiting cafes and shops, settling well in the different environments.
Rex passed his Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Test. Developing his obedience skills continues, and he will hopefully complete his Bronze and Silver Awards in the next couple of months. Loose lead walking, greeting manners and recall skills are his training priorities.



Brian the golden Labrador is named after Alsatian Brian, a patrol dog attached to a Parachute Battalion of the 13th Battalion Airbourne Division. He landed in Normandy with them, and having done the requisite number of jumps, became a fully-qualified Paratrooper.
BRAVEHOUND Brian, is now 9 months old, and a happy, loving energetic dog. He loves to be around the children who share his home and is always eager to join in with their games, or inviting them to play with him instead.
Brian recently passed is Kennel Club Bronze Award and is now working towards passing his Silver Award which builds on the skills he has already mastered with increased complexity. Brian is a quick learner and enjoys working with his Puppy Socialiser to achieve his next goal.



Gander is the nephew of two BRAVEHOUND dogs, sprockers Antis and Sir Jeff.
We have high hopes for this little pup, still with his mum and litter and he has enourmous paws to step into.
BRAVEHOUND pup Gander is named after Newfoundland Gander DM
Awarded a PDSA Dickin Medal on 27 October 2000, the citation read: “For saving the lives of Canadian infantrymen in December 1941.
On three documented occasions, Gander engaged the enemy as his regiment joined The Winnipeg Grenadiers, members of Battalion Headquarters “C” Force and other Commonwealth troops in their courageous defence of the island. Twice Gander’s attacks halted the enemy’s advance and protected groups of wounded soldiers. In a final act of bravery, the war dog was killed in action gathering a grenade. Without Gander’s intervention, many more lives would have been lost in the assault.”

Mr Chips


Mr Chips the golden Labrador is named after US Army dog Chips, who was awarded a PDSA Dickin Medal for his bravery during the Second World War.
Mr Chips is a happy, confident, easy going dog. He is very settled at home, and is building his confidence in new experiences as time goes on. He is being given more freedom around the house when left alone, and he patiently awaits return of his family without any problems.
Mr Chips passed his Kennel Club Silver Award, and his current training is focused on passing his Gold Award when he reaches his first birthday.
Mr Chips will continue to train towards achieving his Kennel Club Gold Award and towards his Public Access Test. He will continue to visit different locations and try out travelling by train in the near future.



The PDSA Dickin Medal was instituted in 1943 in the United Kingdom by Maria Dickin to honour the work of animals in World War. It is a bronze medallion, bearing the words “For Gallantry” and “We Also Serve” within a laurel wreath, carried on a ribbon of striped green, dark brown, and pale blue. It is awarded to animals that have displayed “conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty while serving or associated with any branch of the Armed Forces or Civil Defence Units”. The award is commonly referred to as “the animals’ Victoria Cross”.

Sponsor a puppy today and change a Veteran’s life


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