Awarded “Caring Animal of the Year” by the RSPCA and Trinity Mirror in the Hero Animal Awards 2017.

A BRAVE hound helps former bomb disposal expert Paul Wilkie fight the horrific PTSD flashbacks he suffers every night.
An accident triggered the invisible wounds after 22 years’ distinguished service saw him witness the worst horrors of war: children killed playing with mines during the Balkans conflict.
Every night the horrors haunt him but now he has a black-and-white spaniel called Irma to ease his anguish.
Adorable Irma was the first dog handed over by Scottish-based charity BRAVEHOUND, which provides canine companions to those who have given so much for our country.

Mr Wilkie said: “I have flashbacks, I used to wake up shaking and alone, but now Irma wakes me out of the nightmares, licking my face, but she takes it all away.”

BRAVEHOUND have now been nominated as part of the Soldiering On Awards 2017 which salutes the special relationship between animals and serving military personnel and veterans.
Express readers are today invited to play their part honouring this special covenant by voting for the worthy recipient of the Pets at Home Animal Partnership Award.

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