Superfan turns her dogs into the Poochy Blinders after show’s season finale

Owner Kaylee Garrick has been dressing up her dog to look like the Peaky Blinders cast – and has been raising money for the TASC Bravehound charity in the process

While everyone has heard about the critically-acclaimed gangster TV drama Peaky Blinders, only superfans have come across the Poochy Blinders.

Show superfan Kaylee Garrick has been dressing her dogs up to look like the cast from the popular BBC series for a charity calendar.

Kaylee, of Shetland Islands, Scotland – who is an amateur photographer alongside working as a full-time paramedic – loves the Birmingham-based gangster show which ended last month.

The 32-year-old snaps a yearly calendar to raise money for the TASC Bravehound charity, which supports former servicemen and women in Scotland.

pooch blinders

She said: “We do quite a lot of themed photos, and I tend to theme around things that I love and I’m passionate about.”

Kaylee purchased the pup’s smart waistcoats, shirts and flat-caps from eBay in toddler sizes.

And her two Alaskan klee kais, Ghost and Daenerys, as well as their Shetland sheepdog siblings Murphy, Jara, Fenton, Thoran, Gimli, and Thiago, all got the parts.

She added: “They just suited them so well, I had to do it.”

pooch blinders

The pictures – captured in a gloomy, gangster style reminiscent of the Shelby’s smash-hit show – feature the eight dogs in all manner of poses.

In one snap Ghost – one of the younger pups of the bunch – can be seen driving a tiny vintage car.

Kaylee said: “We used treats to tempt her into posing in the car, but now we can’t get her out”.

The dog-lover added that some of the pups, in particular Thorin, are total posers, and love pulling puppy-dog eyes and pouts for the camera.

The 2022 Bravehound calendar sold out all 1,500 copies in a matter of days.

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