A Dog’s Life with Anna Webb

This week Anna is over the moon to get the scoop on a new charity – Assistance Dog Assessment Association. She is joined by two of the Trustees, Richard Mearns and Selina Valentine, along with Richard’s Assistance Dog, Ziggy.

We chat about why the charity has been launched; namely to clarify what defines an Assistance Dog in the UK. Often Assistance Dogs that are not partnered with a visible disability can lead to confusion with service providers and businesses. Especially with the discussion between what constitutes an Emotional Support Dog and a Mental Health Assistance Dog.

We also chat about why independent assessment run by expert trainers can allow for more dogs to be trained and qualified as Assistance that perform tasks, helping their client navigate the world with task related assistance. Selina talks about her own assistance dogs and how they have helped her, and why she is passionate to help others find an easier way through assessment and qualification achieve their goal to benefit from a dog by their side.

We chat about the team of experienced Trustees coming from a variety of charities and dog focused organisations, which is key to getting it right in the owner trained sector.

LISTEN HERE →  https://share.transistor.fm/s/fc45389c