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Five reasons to be a BRAVEHOUND Dog sitter

Give something back

Over the years our veterans have given everything to maintain our freedoms and, by volunteering to become a BRAVEHOUND dog sitter, you will be able to give something back to them.
BRAVEHOUND will support you every step of the way and fund all costs for caring for our dogs.

Play a vital role as a volunteer

Our volunteers provide a vital role in helping BRAVEHOUND deliver a service to veterans in Scotland. Dog sitters are essential to ensure that our BRAVEHOUND dogs are cared for 365 days a year.

Support a veteran

Dog sitters do a very important job for BRAVEHOUND. Without dog sitters to support our veterans – for example, when their pup is in training or when a BRAVEHOUND dog needs temporary care – the number of dogs we can train and match with veterans is limited.

Join the BRAVEHOUND community

Join our supportive community so that helping us fits in seamlessly with your lifestyle. You may not have time for a regular commitment to supporting BRAVEHOUND but, by dog sitting a BRAVEHOUND dog or pup in training for anything from a day to a week or sometimes longer, you will be playing a crucial role and will become a critical part of the whole BRAVEHOUND community experience.

Transform a life

Our veterans often say that their own BRAVEHOUND saved their life, gives them a reason to get up in the morning and gets them out and about. Our BRAVEHOUND dog sitters help to make that happen by providing care for BRAVEHOUND dogs and pups while they are in training.

Sarah and Mr Chips

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The role of a dog sitter can be more involved than applicants expect. The following questions are designed to help you decide if the role is right for you and would fit with your lifestyle, as well as assisting us in the processing of your application.

Feeding, caring for a BRAVEHOUND dog or puppy’s needs on a daily ­­basis is time consuming and you may be asked to continue with particular training with one of our experienced trainers.

In order for applications to be processed, each applicant is required to provide details of two character referees. Your referees must have known you for the past two years, not be related to you and not be living at the same address as you.

Before you add details of your referees below, please ensure you have their permission to use them:

We will use the personal information collected on this form to process your application and to communicate with you about volunteering. To help us minimise our costs and receive these communications by E-Mail please tick the box below:

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