Bernard Cribbins OBE (29 December 1928 – 28 July 2022)

Bernard Cribbins and his late wife Gill were great friends to BRAVEHOUND.

Having served in the Parachute Regiment in the late 1940s Bernard had a lifelong interest in veteran welfare. Not only did he read brilliantly, at several of our Festival of Remembrance events, he and Gill took time to talk the veterans who attended the events.

A veteran who was nervous about reading in public was coached by Bernard. He said “I’ll stand at the back after I’ve read and you just read that poem to me.” He explained that when he read for children on Jackanory, that he intended for each child listening, to feel that Bernard was reading just for them. He was incredibly humble and kind and will be very much missed. Bernard Joseph Cribbins OBE (29 December 1928 – 28 July 2022).

Bernard will be sorely missed.